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Who doesn't like cookies?
by ginnyrobot

I am excited to welcome you to my brand new blog!

If you consider yourself a Nerd or a Geek then you will find inspiration and Ideas for Interior Design and Parties, including the occasional recipe, and how to style your home to make it cosy but at the same time as nerdy as you are without making visitors run away in horror (except you want this to happen).

If you are not a nerd or maybe don’t even know what that is, then fear not, you are in the right place too. Here you will find out what’s the difference between a Nerd and a Geek (spoiler: it’s complicated) and what flavours of Nerds there are in the World. This could be helpful if you have a Nerd among your friends and family and want to get to know their passion a little bit better or want to find the perfect gift for them. Or maybe you just want to understand what they are talking about all day in this weird language that doesn’t seem to be anything remotely understandable.

Myself I am a mix of a few different flavours of Nerd which – in no particular order – include but are not limited to a Whovian (= someone who likes the British TV Show Doctor Who), a Sherlockian (= a Whovian but for Sherlock Holmes), a Nerdfighter (= too complicated to explain in just one sentence), a Computer geek and a little bit of Cosplay (= wearing costumes of your favourite comic/manga/anime/game character to conventions). I don’t take myself too seriously and like puns and joking around.

So make yourself at home, over there you can find cookies and enjoy your stay!

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