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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Challenge

I have to admit something to you. I have a history with Challenge announcements. I announced quite a few Challenges publicly in the past and then never got around to finish them. But this time it is different! (That’s what they always say!).

But now let me tell you about the Challenge I am planning to do this time. Monday night I found a great graphic by Geekritique which is a Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline. Take a look:

Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

As I am really far behind on all Marvel and have seen hardly anything off of this list I decided to give it a try and fill in the gaps in my knowledge regarding this topic. I might do a monthly update depending on how well it goes. Since I started on Monday evening I checked off the following things of my list:

  1. Captain America – The first Avenger
  2. Agent Carter Season 1 – Episode 1
  3. Agent Carter Season 1 – Episode 2
  4. Agent Carter Season 1 – Episode 3
  5. Agent Carter Season 1 – Episode 4

Not too bad of a start I must say. What about you? Have you seen everything on this list? Do you want to join me with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Challenge?


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