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Suicide Squad (Movie-Review)


The government forms a secret elite team out of supervillains with special abilities. One of them is Will Smith and one of them is Harley Quinn also known as Jokers girlfriend. They are forced to go on a suicide mission or get killed. So basically a win-win situation…not. In this DC comic adaptation, the Joker is portrait by Jared Leto. I probably wouldn’t have figured that out if I hadn’t known beforehand. Let’s hope this is not a bad omen regarding what happened to the last one who played the Joker.


First things first. If you watch movies only when they have a brilliant, intricate story, then Suicide Squad is probably not the right fit for you. If you enjoy 2 hours of action, then I highly recommend it. I admit, there was not terribly much story in the movie but I still really enjoyed it. Also, yes, Harley Quinn is not wearing a lot of clothes which is totally cliché comic adaptation. But in this case I think it fits somehow. Harley is a crazy psychopath who chose to dress like this. That’s her personality and she still wears more clothes than a lot of other characters. I know, the original harley quinn looks totally different but sometimes change is not such a bad thing after all.

One thing I really enjoyed additionally is the Soundtrack. Normally I don’t really notice the music in a movie but this time I noticed it on several occasions in a very positive way. In fact, I am listening to it as I write this. Want an example? Watch this trailer:

Except the connection between Harley Quinn and the Joker there is not really a focus on character development going on. It happens a little bit with Will Smiths Character but other than that they basically all just exist.

In conclusion, if you like entertaining, action packed two hours with great music – go for it. If you prefer deep philosophical stories, then maybe watch something else instead.

Have you seen Suicide Squad? What did you think about it? Leave me a comment down below and let me know!

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