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Nerdy Christmas Decoration Ideas

This week I got a few ideas for you to decorate for nerdy christmas holidays.


When thinking of nerdy christmas decoration, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is decorating the tree. If you are a fan of Marvel’s Avengers and #TeamCap then you could show it with this beauty:

Christmas Ornament CAP for a nerdy christmas
Christmas Ornament CAP



If you are more into Doctor Who, then this one inspired by Clara Oswald will probably get you more excited:

nerdy christmas Ornament RUN
Christmas Ornament RUN

All of the ornaments could also be used to embellish a present for a fellow nerd.


But the tree is not the only thing you can decorate for a nerdy christmas, there is also the table where you eat your christmas dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). One option you could choose are coasters. They are pretty and serve a purpose. Here is an example for a doctor who coaster that is subtile enough to make non doctor who fans happy too:

Coaster HELLO for a nerdy christmas
Coaster HELLO


After you have eaten yourself in a coma at the christmas dinner, you will most likely plop on the couch and enjoy some christmas movies. Some of my personal favourites are Home Alone and any version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (such as Scrooched with Bill Murray). But I am sure the Simpsons have christmas episodes too:

Pillow cover LISA
Pillow Cover LISA

If you got a Captain America inspired tree you could of course also use the matching pillows for your couch, either for #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. Pillow cover TONY also glows in the dark which is especially suitable for christmas.

Pillow Cover CAP and TONY
Pillow Covers CAP and TONY

How do you decorate for christmas? Are you into nerdy christmas decoration or are you more into the classic, traditional decorations? Please let me know in a comment below!

Happy Holidays!

Photography by Martina Pöll

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