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Flavours of Nerd #2: Book Nerd

Habitat and behaviour

The common book nerd has a much higher female than male population. The natural habitat of a book nerd is a Library or a Bookstore but you can find them basically everywhere if you know what to look for. Male species prefer to devour nourishment with informational content. That’s the reason why you can often see them reading Newspapers or non-fiction books, less common are fantasy books or general literature. Females enjoy the full variety of books and generally read more on average.

Book Nerds like to challenge themselves and compeed with each other a little bit. It is rather common to set a goal for how many books one wants to read in a year. A lot of book nerds use Goodreads to track the progress. Goodreads is also good for finding new books to read, to write reviews about them and to connect with authors.

Me, the book nerd

I consider myself a book nerd. My mum basically made me one when she started taking me with her to the library when I was about 5. First we got books she could read to me. Later, as soon as I was able to, I would read them myself. Every month or so we would head to the library and choose our books. I like books so much, I even wrote my thesis about Booktube. The word Booktube is a combination of Book and Youtube und describes people who make videos about books on Youtube.

But that’s not all! I also volunteer at a charity bookstore called Books4Life Wien. There we sell donated books for low prices and then donate 90% of the income to charities who fight against poverty. That way, people with less income can afford books and it’s good for the invironment too, because the books won’t go to waste. If you want to find out more about Books4Life Wien, then you can follow us on Facebook or visit the Website.

So you’ve read this but are not sure what exactly a Nerd is? Find out here about Nerds, Geeks and the difference between them.

Do you like to read too? What genres do you prefer? Do you have a favourite book? Or, if you are like me and can’t decide for one favourite – what are you reading currently? Tell me in the comment below!


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