Living like... #2: The Tanner's (Fuller House)
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Living Like… #2: The Tanner’s (Fuller House)

When I was a kid I loooved to watch Full House…. who am I kidding, I still love it. I recently started watching the show from the beginning again on Netflix. I was really excited when Netflix rebooted it as Fuller House.

Today I invite you into their home, more precisely their living room and show you around a little bit. Come in! *MTV Cribs Moment*

A little bit of Fuller House backstory:

So everything began about 30 years ago when Danny Tanner’s wife died and his best Friend Joey and his brother-in-law Jessy moved in with him to take care of the kids. Those were DJ, Stephanie and the Baby Michelle. *time warp to the present*

We are back in the house, DJ is a mum of 3 boys and her husband recently died so she moved back in with her dad. Danny is about to move to LA to host a morning show with Rebecca, Jessy’s wife. Jessy is of course moving with his wife. Joey is a resident performer in Las Vegas and Stephanie is a famous DJ (DJ Tanner!!) and travelling around the world. At the day of the goodbye-party they realise that DJ needs help raising the boys so Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler (DJ’s best friend since childhood) decide to move in with her. Danny leaves them the house to stay in.

The setup is now this: DJ, her three boys (one of them a baby), Stephanie, Kimmy and her daughter Ramona all live in the house together.

The Fuller House:

As this is their childhood house there is a lot of furniture from back in the days but everything got freshened up a bit. The main colors in the living room are light blue and white with some green and yellow accents. The overall theme is nautical/maritime which is not surprising as they live in San Francisco not too far from the sea.

Fuller House Living Room
“Funner House”. Fuller House. Season 1, Episode 3. Netflix. USA, 2016.


Fuller House Living Room 2
“Funner House”. Fuller House. Season 1, Episode 3. Netflix. USA, 2016.

I made a Pinterest Board for you so you can get an idea on what to look for if you want to use the Fuller House living room as an inspiration for your own.


My favourite part about the room has to be the reading nook under the stairs. I would be so happy if I had one like these. What is your favourite part about it?




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