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Ghostbusters reloaded – YAY or NAY?

Last week Sony released the Official Trailer for the new Ghostbusters Movie on Youtube. I have mixed feelings about it and I will explain why. But first, let’s watch the Trailer together:

Sooo…what do you think? If you are anything like me you are probably confused. Let’s split it up in pro’s and con’s.

Pro – Girl Power

Ever since the Spice Girls became famous I am all in for strong female characters. It is great to have clever, witty and strong women in a leading role in a movie (Go Katniss!).

Con – Girls just for Girls sake?

They did a complete reboot just to do it all over again with women? why? They could have thought of a new story at least. This seems very forced to me just to get people to buy the tickets. Having female Ghostbusters alone is not enough to get people to watch the movie.

Pro – Special Effects

The Ghosts look really cool and well done in the trailer so this is definitely a pro but also not enough on its own to make it a great movie.

Con – The Humor

I am not a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy and I don’t really know the others but what I’ve seen the humor is not my cup of tea.

Con – Stereotypes

The loud obnoxious black girl character got some backlash too. This is, as the humour, to over the top and could have been done better in my opinion.

Con – Is this it?

Normally they put the best, scariest or funniest scenes in a trailer. And in this case I worry a lot that these are all the best scenes from the movie and that the rest of it would…well… not be great. The only thing that made me really excited was the hint of ghostbusters theme you could hear in the background. But that is because of the old movie…

In conclusion I think I might watch it on TV or Netflix but I definitely won’t spend money on it to go watch it at the cinema. What do you think? Will you watch it?

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