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5 Things to look forward to in Final Fantasy XV

Last week I found the Platinum Demo of Final Fantasy XV in the Playstation Store and immediately wanted to try it. It is there probably for a while now but lately I was trying to stay away from the PS4 as I am trying to get things done for the Shop. I am a big fan of Final Fantasy even tho I missed most of the games there are. I mostly only played Final Fantasy X and X-2 and saw a few glimpses of (the new Version of) Final Fantasy VII and XIII. I know, huge gap in gaming knowledge!

Before I talk about my experience with the demo, I wanted to show you the Trailer that starts it, so that you can see a bit of it yourself:

In Final Fantasy XV you will be playing Noctis, the son of the king and heir to the throne. In the demo you play him as a child but in the full game it seems like you will (mostly?) play him in the grown up version.

1. Graphics

It wouldn’t be Final Fantasy if the Graphics weren’t breathtaking. Final Fantasy XV is no exception to this. Square Enix did not disappoint my expectations.

2. Main character

Normally I prefer to play female characters but Noctis is cute as a boy and likeable as a grown up – at least as far as I can tell from what I have seen so far.

3. Game System

I don’t have a lot of Final Fantasy experience so I don’t know when this was changed or if this is new, but back when I last played it, the game was still round based which had its pros and cons. Now it is real-time battle which I like a lot even tho I might regret that later when I actually play the game.

4. World Design

This time, the world design in Final Fantasy XV seems much more “real” or “normal” than in the past. In older games everything seemed so much like from another planet (which it is) and it still does but a lot of things make it feel more like what we know. For example the car and the tow truck. (The car is epic by the way!)

5. Girls

Ok, this is not exactly something I am looking forward to. I am probably to spoiled by Final Fantasy X-2 where all the main characters where girls but I miss them in the main party. On the other hand I can now experience how it feels to be included in an all boys group.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30th, 2016 and I can’t wait!

It is also already available for pre-order and you can find more information about it on the Playstation Website.


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