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Elementary (TV-Show Review)

Spoiler free Synopsis:

Elementary is a modern day version of the classic Sherlock Holmes Stories. Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) previously worked at Scotland Yard in London but then developed a drug addiction problem which made him move to New York and enter rehab. After rehab, his father hired a sober companion to acompany him to stay sober. The companion is Doctor Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) who previously worked as a doctor in a hospital but quit for reasons unknown (at first). Since a sober companion is supposed to be with the client at all times, Sherlocks brings Joan along to the cases he solves for the NYPD. He soon realises that she is a lot more help than nuisance.

Here is a short trailer for the first season to get a feel for it:


Elementary Review:

I liked this TV Show from the start but was not immediately hooked. It took a few episodes to really get into it and wanting to binge watch. Now I am nearly done with Season 4 and need to spread out the last two episodes I have left until October 2nd when Season 5 starts. Season 3 ended with a huge cliffhanger and I don’t want to hang too long on the figurative cliff in case this happens again this time.

One of the biggest changes is obviously that Dr. Watson is female now. Some people where not to sure about it but I was excited even tho I was not too sure how this would work out. By now I can say, it does work out quite well. I like Lucy Liu a lot and Jonny Lee Miller grew on me too. He will probably forever stay second place behind Benedict Cumberbatch tho. Completly unrelated side note: Dr Joan Watson is always dressed so well, I am a little envious!

Additionally I like how they really put a modern twist on the Sherlock Holmes stories. They make everyting so much more “normal” and believeable. Sherlock is still himself but in a way you can relate to (sometimes…a little bit). Also the cases are stories that could really happen today.

In conclusion I can say that if you like Sherlock Holmes stories or crime solving TV Shows in general you should definitely give Elementary a try. It is clever, funny and a little weird. Everything you could hope for in a binge worthy Show.

Have you watched Elementary? Are you excited for Season 5? What do you think about a female Dr. Watson?


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